Tasks of the ICPO

Tasks of the ICPO include, but are not limited to:

  • Support to CLIVAR panels, task forces and working groups, including organization of meetings, participation in meetings, writing reports, follow up on action items, maintaining web pages, liaison between panels tand with other relevant activities;

  • CLIVAR communications and outreach; preparation of articles and special issues for the CLIVAR newsletter (CLIVAR Exchanges) and news updates for the CLIVAR and WCRP ezines and web pages; liaison with other WCRP communication officers;

  • Support to CLIVAR capacity development activities and coordination with other relevant WCRP capacity development activities;

  • Support for development and implementation of the WCRP Grand Science Challenge and other cross-cutting activities;

  • Representation of CLIVAR at international fora and to partner/sponsoring organizations;

  • Development of CLIVAR panel and SSG membership proposals for approval by SSG and WCRP JSC, respectively;

  • Fund raising for CLIVAR activities and ICPO staff and operations;

  • Support of the SSG, including organization of annual SSG meetings, writing the meeting report, follow up on SSG action items;

  • Oversight and maintenance of CLIVAR website;

  • Final editing and publication of CLIVAR documents;

  • Liaison between the CLIVAR SSG Chairs and the WCRP JPS on issues and activities of relevance to activities in other WCRP projects and partners.