Sea Level Terms of Reference

  • Periodically review the state of knowledge and corresponding research on regional sea–level rise, identify gaps and research needs across WCRP, other Programs and relevant parties;
  • Foster the improvement of the observing system and development of modeling techniques necessary to properly observe and simulate sea level variations and changes.
  • Advise on the development of in-situ and satellite observing systems required to improve our understanding and projections of sea-level rise.
  • Promoting  interdisciplinarity, across science fields (cryo, hydro, geo, etc.) but also methodologies (data, models, state estimation), and advocating for appropriate funding resources and support at national and international levels.
  • Foster the development  for the scientific understanding necessary to assess and predict regional sea-level evolution;
  • Facilitate development of a basis for quantification of future regional extreme sea levels due to superposition of mean sea-level rise, high tides and storm surges;
  • Facilitate the use of improved observations, understanding and projections of sea level rise by various groups assessing the impacts of sea-level rise and the associated risks.