8th Session of the Working Group on Ocean Model Development

Thursday, April 30, 2009 to Friday, May 1, 2009
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UK Met Office Hadley Centre, Exeter, UK


Thursday, 30 April, 2009 - Friday, 1 May, 2009

Meeting Report

Download the Report of the 8th WGOMD Session

Download here an overview of the meeting agenda items with the main questions that were addressed.

Tentative Agenda

29April evening: quasi-working dinner together (after completion of mesoscale eddy workshop)

30April (9am start)

CORE presentations and discussions (bulk of day)
-Goal: develop detailed strawman protocol for CORE-II, and initiate a comparison project amongst panel members and interested others.

REOS website
-Goal: scrutinize the REOS website, anticipating public release soon after Exeter.

01May (9am start):

Decadal prediction presentations and discussion
-Goal: articulate WGOMD’s role in helping to address the research needs of decadal climate prediction.

WGOMD business:
-member presentations (time allowing).


CORE-II Studies in Kiel - Claus Boening

CORE-II Update from NCAR - Gokhan Danabasoglu

CORE-II Update from Norway - Helge Drange

ACCESS Ocean and Sea Ice Model - CORE II Simulations - Simon Marsland

Current status of the Coordinate Ocean-ice Reference Experiments (COREs) in Japan - Hiroyuki Tsujino

CORE-II Update from DRAKKAR - Anne Marie Treguier and Guran Madec

Method to force surface salinity - Ruediger Gerdes

CORE-II Sensitivity Sudies, ERA-Interim, Decadal Intialization and input from Pacific Panel - Magdalena Balmaseda

ENSO and tropical Pacific metrics for coupled GCMs - Magdalena Balmanseda (on behalf of Eric Guilyardi and Pacific Panel)

NCAR Ocean Modeling Activities - Gokhan Danabasoglu

The impact of initial conditions on decadal climate predictions - Doug Smith, Nick Dunstone, Rosie Eade, James Murphy, Holger Pohlmann, Adam Scaife
Download in three separate files: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Reports of ocean modeling activity updates



G. Danabasoglu

Summary of NCAR Ocean Modeling Activities

M. Roberts

UK ocean modelling activities 2008-9

S. Griffies

Report to WGOMD of ocean modeling at GFDL Sept2008-May2009

H. Tsujino

Ocean modeling activities in Japan



Panel Members

S. Griffies (co-Chair), H. Drange (co-Chair), H. Banks, G. Danabasoglu, M. England, R. Greatbatch, G. Madec, H. Tsujino


C. Böning, M. Alonso Balmaseda, E. Chassignet, R. Gerdes, A.-M. Treguier, M. Roberts, D. Smith


A. Pirani


The meeting will be held at the Met Office Hadley Centre, Exeter UK following the CLIVAR Workshop on Ocean Mesoscale Eddies that has been organized by WGOMD.

The meeting will commence on the evening of the 29th April with a working dinner. Details will be given closer to the time.


A block booking has been organized for WGOMD and the speakers of the workshop at:

Thistle Exeter, 
Queen Street, 
Phone: 0870 333 9133 
Fax: 0870 333 9233 
Email: Exeter@thistle.co.uk
Web: http://www.thistle.com/hotels/exeter