7th WGOMD Meeting

Saturday, August 25, 2007 to Sunday, August 26, 2007
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Bergen, Norway


Saturday, 25 August, 2007 - Sunday, 26 August, 2007

WGOMD members and guests outside the Geophysical Institute, University of Bergen, 26 August 2007

Report of the 7th Session of WGOMD

1. Agenda

Friday 24th August: informal dinner pre-meeting
Saturday 25th August: WGOMD panel; WGOMD/SOPHOCLES joint
Sunday 26th August: WGOMD panel (morning only)

Presentations from the meeting are available here:

An Introduction to WGOMD
S. Griffies

WGOMD: Past, Present and Future
S. Griffies

A Brief History of WGOMD CORE
S. Griffies

WGOMD CORE - overview
S. Griffies

Updates of Large & Yeager (2004) Dataset from CORE I v.1 (NYF) and CORE II v.1 (IAF)
G. Danabasoglu

Ocean-only Simulations with CORE II
G. Danabasoglu

The Arctic Ocean Model Intercomparison Project (AOMIP)
R. Gerdes

Experience with EBMs
R. Gerdes

Using Metrics to assess ocean and sea-ice simulations
H. Banks

CLIVAR/GODAE Synthesis Evaluation and Metrics
D. Stammer

CLIVAR Pacific Ocean Panel Questions and Suggestions for WGOMD
M. Alonso Balmaseda

CLIVAR Indian Ocean Panel Update for WGOMD
A. Pirani

Ocean Modelling Activities in Japan (some activities in China and Korea are included)
H. Tsujino



Friday 24th August - Dinner meeting with WGOMD members

--Discuss agenda (panel)
--Discuss numerical methods workshop (panel)


Saturday 25th August

WGOMD panel meeting 08:00-11:00

--Introduction to the Panel Meeting (Griffies)

--CORE Briefing to WGOMD (Griffies)

-CORE-I manuscript
-CORE-I extensions (strongly constrained CORE-I at GFDL)

--Reports CLIVAR basin panels

-Pacific (Balmaseda)
-Atlantic (Böning)
-Indian (Pirani)


WGOMD and SOPHOCLES joint 11:15-13:15

--Southern Ocean and Cryosphere

-Southern ocean panel (O'Farrell - material from Speer and Rintoul)
-Southern ocean in IPCC AR4 models (Russell/Konig)
-Ice shelf ocean interaction (Smedsrud/Assmann)
-Clic (Lytle)
-Discussion of future links between CliC and WGOMD (O'Farrell)
-Cryosphere issues for AR5 simulations (O'Farrell)


WGOMD and SOPHOCLES joint 14:15-17:30

--Coordinated Ocean-ice Reference Experiments (CORE)

-Briefing to SOPHOCLES (Griffies)
-Updates of the Large & Yeager forcing dataset (Danabasoglu)
-Comparison of reanalysis based products with observations over sea ice at BAS (OF'arrell)
-Issues of hindcast experiments with inter-annually varying forcing (Böning)
-Experience with EBMs and ice ocean modelling (England and Gerdes)
-Discussion on a future Southern ocean focused CORE experiment, how well did CORE 1 and CORE II model the ice-ocean interaction? (O'Farrell)

Break & Group Photo

--Arctic Ocean Model Intercomparison Project (AOMOIP) (Gerdes)

--Developing a Repository for Evaluating Ocean Simulations (REOS)

-Metrics and methods for evaluating ocean-ice simulations (Griffies, Banks)
-Input from reanalysis projects (Stammer)

--Discussion on assimilation of data from IPY projects into models (Schodlok)

--SOPHOCLES Discussion, plans for sunday meeting


Sunday 26th August

WGOMD Panel Business 08:30-12:00

--Panel member reports

--WGOMD: history and future (Griffies)


--Action items (Pirani)

During this meeting we will try to limit the time devoted to presentations on existing programs/workshops/etc.. and allow more time to discussion on the major issues that the panel needs to make progress on, namely the CORE experiments and ocean model evaluation metrics. To achieve this, we request a written report (doc or pdf) on the smaller issues to distribute before the meeting and to refer to it during the discussions at the meeting.The report should be concise, no longer than a couple of pages. Please send the report by email to Anna Pirani by 15th August 2007. The reporter, during the meeting, is expected to give an overview of the document with additional visual material (max 3 slides per subject), assuming the rest of the panel has already read the report.

Here are a few topics to consider:


Stephen will present the latest on the CORE manuscript (plans are to be fully submitted manuscript no later than August 2007), with a discussion of possible follow up work. In particular, we may wish to consider focusing more on the interannually varying CORE forcing. At the Hobart meeting, only Marika and Claus had any experience. Does anyone else have experience? There is presently no clear protocol for these simulations. A protocol would need to be agreed upon to facilitate comparison studies.

2. Coupled modelling

We need to discuss something to complement the fixed atmosphere-forced CORE simulations due to the limitations of this approach for ocean-ice modelling. One area that WGOMD may wish to investigate is an idealized atmosphere (energy balance, simple GCM, other?) in support for comparing ocean-ice simulations with this simple atmosphere. There are plenty available, and many WGOMD members may have experience. Is there one that we can sanction right now, or do we need to do some of our own investigation/development? Can we develop an anomalous EBM where the anomalies are based on the CORE data? In general, if WGOMD could come to some agreement over the next years on a strategy for running these sorts of models, the community would be quite supportive.

3. Basin panels and model metrics

In general, WGOMD has a responsibility to respond to the modelling needs of the basin panels. As in the past, the panels continue to ask WGOMD "what do modellers wish to have measured in order to evaluate simulation integrity?" We never really addressed this question. Instead, we spent our energy just getting the CORE simulations running. Do we wish to reconsider this issue now that CORE-I is more well developed? One idea, which would require lots of work, is to write a WGOMD document that surveys all the metrics used by global modellers to evaluate their simulations, and meshes those metrics with available datasets. I am unsure how this document would look in practice, but it could, in principle, be valuable to the community.

4. More on specifics of the recent Basin Panel meetings

Pacific: Steve attended the Pacific Basin Panel meeting in Honolulu in Feb 2006. They may meet again before our August meeting...I am unsure. I will report to WGOMD on the Honolulu meeting.

Atlantic: Can we get a summary on the Kiel meeting in March? Anyone attending the Atlantic panel to summarize their work?

Indian Ocean: Who has input on this panel?

Southern Ocean: we should have plenty of input from the SOPHOCLES folks


Submitted Reports



Stephen Griffies

Summary of GFDL ocean climate modeling activities: 2005-2007

Richard Greatbatch

Modelling activities in Canada

Helene Banks

UK activities in ocean model development

Gokhan Danabasoglu

Summary of NCAR ocean modelling activities

Anne Marie Treguier
and Gurvan Madec

Update on global and large scale ocean modelling based on the NEMO system

Claus Böning

Ocean model development in Germany

Hiroyuki Tsujino

Ocean modelling activities in the East Asia Region

Helge Drange

Ocean general circulation development in the Scandinavian Countries


2. Participants

Panel Members

Stephen Griffies (Chair), C. Böning, H. Banks, E. Chassignet, H. Drange, M. England, R. Greatbatch, G. Madec, H. Tsujino, R. Gerdes, Anne-Marie Treguier


Magdalena Alonso Balmaseda, Siobhan O'Farrell, Gokhan Danabasoglu


Anna Pirani, CLIVAR WGOMD Staff Scientist