Monsoons Terms of Reference

  1. Indicate and update the research priorities, gaps and milestones regarding monsoon studies as outlined in the GEWEX/CLIVAR MP annual work plan.
  2. Coordinate strategies, advise on plans and define concrete activities, if possible, to carry out studies on the suggested research priorities, including selecting, limiting and concluding such activities as appropriate.
  3. Encourage studies on priority themes by groups from different monsoon domains, using common methods and tools, in order to allow global analyses or comparable results, and encourage, facilitate or promote collaboration between monsoon researchers (from existing groups).
  4. Enhance involvement/Promote/Stimulate the interest of researchers and students in monsoon-related topics, by organizing or supporting workshops and advanced schools, in addition to organizing, in scientific congresses, sessions on monsoon themes. Promote interactions among scientists from different disciplines (atmospheric scientists, oceanographers, hydrologists, and relevant others) interested in monsoon science activities.
  5. Coordinate the formation and function of regional working groups and to advise WCRP on the development of mechanisms of support for meetings of the regional working groups.
  6. Advise and coordinate with other WCRP and WWRP panels on issues important for advancing monsoon research, including new observational studies, process studies, and strategic priority setting for modelling/prediction studies.
  7. Support work in cooperation with regional, national and multinational programs that collaborate in improving the understanding of monsoon systems and are directed at improving regional weather forecasting, seasonal climate prediction and decadal to long-term climate projection.
  8. Communicate existing products and provide guidance on their (adequate) application and limitations to the operational community, (relevant) impacts community and participate in relevant training activities.
  9. Report to the CLIVAR and GEWEX Scientific Steering Groups on an annual basis or when requested.