NORP organized its last telecon in 2020

After finishing the Freshwater Review paper, the NORP panel organized its last telecon in 2020 on 23rd November. Most of the panel members, as well as four co-authors outside the panel attend this telecon. 

During the meeting, NORP reviewed the action items from 2020 and discussed the high priorities in 2021. The main uptakes are as below:

  1. NORP is on the third year since its establishment. There will be some members rotate off, and new members should be nominated. 

  2. OOPC workshop which has been postponed to 2021. 

  3. Organization of the summer school will be one of the priorities in 2021. 

  4. Data portal for Arctic. There was a long discussion about the data portal for Arctic. Members were excited about this idea which could be a large benefit to the Arctic research. 

  5. Review paper on heat uptake. As a follow-up of the Freshwater Review paper, the members were very much excited about the idea of starting the heat uptake review paper. 

The next telecon will be in January 2021.