Workshop on Decadal Variability of the Tropical Pacific held in Ecuador


A workshop on Decadal Variability of the Tropical Pacific took place at Centro Nacional de Acuicultura e Investigaciones Marinas (CENAIM-ESPOL) in San Pedro de Manglaralto, Ecuador from 13 to 14 October 2018. It gathered 27 participants, including members of the CLIVAR Pacific Region Panel and the CLIVAR Research Focus on ENSO in a Changing Climate, as well as invited experts from the broader community.

The goal of this workshop was to initiate a high-impact paper reviewing current knowledge of decadal variability of the tropical Pacific, as well as providing recommendations on how to improve understanding of Pacific decadal variability, its predictability and associated challenges.

During the two-day workshop, 21 presentations were organised in four sessions discussing the character of decadal variability of the tropical Pacific in both observations and models, its driving mechanisms (including its interactions with decadal ENSO modulation, and influences of interbasin connections and external forcings) and its predictability. An initial draft outline of the paper was a major output of the workshop.

The participants will be meeting again in early 2019, to finalise the draft paper before submission.