WCRP-ICTP Extremes Summer School

WCRP Summer School

The Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) is organizing, in collaboration with the World Climate Research Programme (WCRP), a Summer School on the Attribution and Prediction of Extreme Events
Dates: 21 July - 1 August 2014
Location: ICTP, Triete, Italy
Deadline for applications: 31st January 2014
Website: http://cdsagenda5.ictp.trieste.it/full_display.php?ida=a13211

The purpose of the school is to train students with outstanding research potential in the techniques that will be required to better understand observed and future changes in extremes. There is a pressing need to educate future researchers in the techniques given the prominence and importance of societal and scientific questions about extreme events that are receiving increasingly intense attention in the minds of the public and their policy makers.
The school will be organized around three broad topic areas:

1) Statistical theory underpinning extreme value analysis,
2) Detection and attribution of observed changes in the frequency and/or intensity of extremes, and
3) Event attribution, and the physical mechanisms that are involved in amplifying and/or extending the duration of some specific extreme events such as heat waves

The school will also educate students in the development of some of the key data resources that are used to place current extremes into a historical context, and will provide insights into some of the emerging thinking on the near term prediction of the likelihood of extreme events. The school will also teach the importance of understanding the physical mechanisms that produce many of the most impactful extreme events, including "complex" hydrologic extremes such as drought and the role of coupled land-atmosphere feedback mechanisms in amplifying extreme temperature events.


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