US CLIVAR Science Plan published

US CLIVAR Science Plan

The new US CLIVAR Science Plan has been published online at and attached below.  The Plan is intended to:

  • update the goals and priorities of US CLIVAR based on achievements to date;
  • articulate the expansion of core research to target specific research challenges;
  • emphasize strengthened ties to the broader Earth Sciences community and relevance to societal impacts;
  • bolster research funding commitments by US agencies to achieve their mission objectives; and
  • articulate the envisioned collaborations with other US and international research programs.

The Plan has been developed by the SSC over a 2-year period with input from its panels and members of the research community.  US CLIVAR wishes to acknowledge the significant effort of over 60 contributors (listed in Appendix A) to help scope, draft, review, and edit the Plan.  The final document reflects revisions based on an open public review held this past summer.  Anna Pirani provided very helpful feedback on the presentation of International CLIVAR and its relationship with the US program.

Please contact Jenn Mays if you would like to receive printed copies of the report.  She will need your mailing address and the number of copies to send.  Individuals can also order a printed version via the website.