Teleconference of the Tropical Basin Interantion RF Working Group 3

The Working Group 3 (Observations) of the CLIVAR Tropical Basins Interactions Research Focus held a teleconference on 9 March in order to plan the activities of the WG.

The topics covered includ:

  • Review summary and action items from Feb 2021 workshop (Roxy).
  • Overall goals and priorities of WG3 - what we can accomplish, how we can interact with the broader community, recommendations we can make.
  • Potential discussion topics (how to move forward): Observing system for TBI, data accessibility, interaction with modeling groups, sessions at future meetings/workshops.
  • Develop action items to be accomplished before next meeting.

The main outcomes of the teleconference are:

  • To create a list of available observational datasets that can be used for long-term (multidecadal) TBI studies. The NCAR website could be a good place to start ( Create a list of gaps in long-term observations (what is needed for TBI) and a list of published studies using long-term datasets for tropical climate analysis (including paleo).
  • To create a summary of the key points/recommendations from individual tropical basin reviews. Identify aspects of individual basin observing system reviews that are most important/relevant for TBI and what is missing.
  • To Interact with the broader community at the CLIVAR workshop (From global to coastal: Cultivating new solutions and partnerships for an enhanced Ocean Observing System in a decade of accelerating change), in August 2022 (in-person in Italy and remote option); the Second climate observation conference organized by GCOS and WMO, to be held in Germany in October 2022; and Belen's multidecadal TBI workshop in 2023 (Madrid).