Special Issue on "Climate Services for Adaptation to Sea-Level Rise" Now Available Online

A Frontier in Marine Sciences special issue on "Climate Services for Adaptation to Sea-Level rise" is now available online. This Research Topic contributes to better understanding of the status of climate services for coastal adaptation. It builds upon a workshop organized by the Regional Sea-level Change and Coastal Impacts Grand Challenge of the World Climate Research Programme in Orléans in November 2019, where scientists working with coastal adaptation practitioners around the world shared their views about current developments and needs for information and services to support adaptation to sea-level rise. The 16 resulting papers provide evidence of progress in this area.

Specifically, the Research Topic contributes to the understanding of mean and extreme sea-level changes, which help support the identification, planning and sequencing of adaptation strategy at regional and local level. It also demonstrates that climate services supporting coastal adaptation to sea-level rise are addressing increasingly complex management issues, such as the maintenance and installation of the septic systems in low-lying rural areas of coastal Virginia, the management of coastal landfills in Euro and USA, the adaptation to the vulnerability of the supply chains, and etc. The papers in the Research Tropic also address the research gaps that impede the climate services to deliver information that recognized the committed impacts of sea-level changes and adaptation needs on short term, as well as deep uncertainties on long term.

To view the full edition, please visit: https://www.frontiersin.org/research-topics/13632/climate-services-for-adaptation-to-sea-level-rise