Sonya Legg presented CLIVAR activities at the US CLIVAR SSC Meeting

Sonya Legg, co-chair of the CLIVAR Scientific Steering Group, made a presentation at the 2021 USCLIVAR Scientific Steering Committee annual meeting held virtually on 19th March.

Topics presented included:

  • High-level aspects of CLIVAR planning and organization (including the WCRP Lighthouse Activities, the new proposed ‘Homes” and how CLIVAR will participate; plans for CLIVAR contributions for the UN Decade of Ocean Science; CLIVAR inputs for WMO Data Conference and 2021 WMO Congress' Resolution 42; CLIVAR inputs for CMIP review and future planning).
  • Progress and plans for CLIVAR Panels and Research Foci (including the new Tropical Basin Interactions RF, the to-be-rescheduled From Global to Coastal pan-Panel meeting/workshop in 2022)
  • Other news/activities 

Jose Santos, Executive Director of the International CLIVAR Project Office also attended the meeting, and assisted Sonya in responding questions/comments made by the participants after the presentation.