Soliciting inputs on the Indian Ocean Observing System (IndOOS) Review

IndOOS is the sustainable ocean observing system for the Indian Ocean. The goal of IndOOS is to provide sustained high-quality oceanographic and marine meteorological measurements to support knowledge-based decision-making through improved scientific understanding, weather and climate forecasts, and environmental assessments. The current IndOOS design was established on the basis of the Implementation Plan drafted by the CLIVAR/GOOS Indian Ocean Panel (IORP) in 2006. Since then, societal and science priorities and measurement technologies have evolved and many of the practicalities of implementation have been learned. The CLIVAR Indian Ocean Region Panel (IORP) is thus currently leading a review on the future evolution of IndOOS.

Now we would like to solicit comments on the first complete draft of IndOOS Decadal Review Report. This draft consists of 25 chapters with background materials on the operational and scientific drivers of IndOOS and on the current status of IndOOS, plus an 8-page executive summary including actionable recommendations for the future of IndOOS 2020-2030. 

We now welcome your comments and suggestions! The comments on the actionable recommendations, which will represent the most important outcomes of our review process, are particularly welcome. If you are short on time, please prioritise comments on the Executive Summary and on those few chapters that interest you most.  

Please provide your comments by the 5 March 2018 to leave chapter authors time to collate and absorb them before the IndOOS Review Workshop, which will be organised on March 22 and 23, 2018 in Jakarta, in Indonesia. You can leave your comments/edits directly in google docs. If you have technical issues, contact Jing Li (

Thank you in advance for your time and effort in helping to shape the future evolution of sustainable observations for the Indian Ocean!

1) Full version (pdf)
2) Executive summary (pdf)
3) Edit the full version online