Nominations for SOOS Scientific Steering Committee

SOOS is an international initiative of SCAR and the Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research (SCOR) with the mission to facilitate the collection and delivery of essential observations on dynamics and change of Southern Ocean systems to all international stakeholders (researchers, governments, industries), through design, advocacy and implementation of cost-effective observing and data delivery systems.

** Call for Nominations **

SOOS invites nominations of qualified individuals to serve on the SOOS Scientific Steering Committee (SSC), due 11 November 2016.

Nominations should only be made for those with the capacity to be actively involved in driving SOOS forward. The SSC meet annually, whilst the majority of SSC activities and input is managed via email. In some instances, SSC members will be invited to represent SOOS at scientific meetings, usually on an opportunistic basis. Membership on the SSC is for a 3-year period, with the potential for renewal for an additional 3 years, on approval of the EXCOM.

Where possible, the SSC will maintain a disciplinary, nationality, gender and age balance. To view the current SSC members, including the nationalities and expertise already represented, please visit the website ( We particularly encourage nominations from females, who are significantly underrepresented on the current SSC. In addition to this, expertise in sea-ice observations, carbon, and ecosystems are encouraged.

For more information about SOOS and its SSC please visit the SSC webpages or contact the Executive Officer, Louise Newman (

To submit a nomination (including self-nominations), please provide the following documentation to Louise Newman ( by Friday 11 November 2016:

1) A completed Nominee Details form
2) Nomination letter (if not self-nominated)
3) A support letter from a 3rd party
4) A letter of intent by the nominee