New article for CLIVAR has been published by EOS

A meeting report titled 'Climate and Ocean Science Builds for the Future' has just been published in EOS, and it highlights the outcomes of the  second “CLIVAR Open Science Conference: Charting the Course for Climate and Ocean Research' which has been held in Qingdao, China, 18–25 September 2016.

The report documented the major themes of climate research that were showcased as well as the critical issues that were discussed during the 5-day event. It also highlights that the cross-disciplinary integration and the active participation of early career scientists were two major features of the conference.

The existing role of international CLIVAR in coordinating to improve observational records (including paleorecords), models and process understanding, and communication of scientific discoveries, continues to be critical. Further improvements in understanding climate processes, which will cover scales ranging from centimeters to global and from hours to decades and longer will be necessary. ‘CLIVAR fosters international cooperation of the type that will continue to be indispensable for developing the human capacity and infrastructure that underpin major scientific breakthroughs.’, as quoted from the article.

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