Nansen Tutu Center Summer School success

Thirty two students from Angola, Namibia, Madagascar, Mauritius, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Republic Democratic of Congo, South Africa, Norway, Germany, China, France, Spain and Netherland attended the Nansen Tutu Summer School on Ocean, Climate and Marine Ecosystem, hosted by the hosted by the Nansen Tutu Center for Marine Environmental Research, was held at University of Cape Town on 1st-8th December 2014.

Among various topics, it focused on the Agulhas Current, the Benguela upwelling system, Tropical Atlantic and it dealt with field observations, satellite remote sensing, modelling and climatology, with lectures given by 25 African and European scientists. Social activities facilitated interaction between students and scientists, including a visit to Robben Island and a day trip around Cape Peninsula. Participants also marked their respect with 3 minutes of silence to commemorate the anniversary of the death of President Nelson Mandela last year. Lectures, program and photos are available on the summer school web site:

The Summer School was sponsored by the FP7 PREFACE project, the Norwegian RESCLIM project, the Research Council of Norway, the German SACUS/SPACES project, CLIVAR, the Nansen Scientific Society and the Nansen Tutu Center.