The last RFP telecon to discuss the WCRP Climate Research Forum in Eastern Asia

The last telecon of the WCRP Regional Focal Points (RFP) Team for the sub-region of Eastern Asia to discuss the WCRP Climate Research Forum (CRF) in Eastern Asia was organized on 30th March, 2021, with the participation of representatives from the WCRP Joint Steering Committee (JSC), GEWEX, CLIVAR, S2S, SPARC, and staff from the ICPO.


The purpose of this telecom was to make sure that everything is well underway. The organizers reviewed the actions from the last meeting, reconfirmed the facilities for the videoconference, and determined the workflow of the Early Career Scientist (ECS) and Q&A sessions. In addition, the organizers put great emphasis on the cultivation of the next generation of the scientists and the future plan of the ECS network was discussed during the meeting.  

Major outcomes of this meeting are:

  • All the actions from last telecon were on track.

  • As of the meeting time, there were more than 200 registered participants. Although most of them were from countries in the Eastern Asia region, there were also participants from 33 countries around the world. 

  • All possible problems that would be encountered during the forum were discussed to ensure the smoothly running.

  • The closed caption will be integrated with the Webex during this CRF, aiming to be more friendly to both the people who have hearing disability and non-native English speakers.

  • Invited speakers were suggested to submit their presentation by April 2nd. 

  • During the ECR pre-meeting (April 2nd), Hyungjun will briefly introduce WCRP, and Fangli will provide comments and insight to the ocean related issues.

  • How to better organize the Q&A session was deeply discussed.