IRF-11 organised virtually on Aug. 19

The IndOOS Resource Forum (IRF) had its 11th meeting virtually on 19 August 2020. Roxy Mathew Koll, co-chair of IORP and Jing Li from ICPO participated the meeting on behalf of CLIVAR. The major uptakes from the meeting are as below:

  • The action items from IRF-10, in particular on the membership, have been reviewed.
  • Update on the IRF membership:
  1. To include Dr Tony Worby as a new member of IRF. He is the Director of ‘Flourishing Oceans’ of the Minderoo Foundation (MF);
  2. To invite modellers who are users of the Indian Ocean observing data to join the IRF;
  3. National representatives in the IRF membership have been gone over. More efforts are needed to explore the representatives from France and South Korea. Weidong Yu and Dongxiao Wang will help update the representatives from China, by considering all funding agencies for ocean observation in China (i.e. MNR, CAS, MoST, and NSFC).
  • Ming Feng and Weidong Yu introduced Progress on international advocacy and support for the proposed RAMA Timor Sea Flux Station, which is in line with the IndOOS-2 recommendations. An international consortium in supporting the long-term station was also being discussed and welcome by the participants.
  • Jim Costopulos introduced the MARV Research and Observation Platforms of the Global Oceans for the Indo-Pacific Region, in supporting the shiptime needs for research, observations and capacity development in this region at a shared cost. This could provide potential shiptime opportunity for IndOOS-2 implementation.  
  • The feedbacks from ICPO on the Terms of Reference (ToR) of IRF have been considered, e.g. to clarify the different modalities of the IRF membership (full members, ex-officio, invited participants, etc.). The ToR of IRF will be further edited by incorporating the comments from ICPO, IOGOOS, and other stakeholders.
  • Roxy, on behalf of IORP invited representatives from IRF to join the IndOOS-2 recommendation tracking WG coordinated by IORP.
  • The IRF-12 will be organised in mid of November. Presentations on UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development and its conjunction with Indian Ocean, GOOS implementation plan, as well as the discussions on a special issue to celebrate the 20th anniversaries of IOGOOS are expected in the next IRF meeting.