IORP Telecon in November 2020

The CLIVAR/IOC GOOS Indian Ocean Region Panel had a telecon on 2 November 2020. During the telecon, participants focused the discussion on how to map IORP into the new structure of WCRP, as well as the IORP membership issue. The major uptake from the meeting are as follows:

  1. With the evolving role of the Indian Ocean in global ocean researches, the co-chair suggested to think about how the IORP’s priority can be mapped into WCRP and what is the uniqueness and specific challenge of the Indian Ocean that deserve the new WCRP’s attention?
  2. To reflect the core findings of IndOOS review into the answers to the WCRP questionnaire;
  3. To better link modeling and observations:
  4. To strengthen the panel’s connection with GOOS, UN Ocean Decade and GEO Blue Planet for advancing the connection to society and coastal communities;
  5. The IndOOS Resource Forum (IRF) played a good example in linking with stakeholders in the Indian Ocean rim countries;
  6. The close connection between IORP and SIBER demonstrated good interdisciplinary cooperation in the Indian Ocean region;
  7. The new WCRP may need to have a better role in governing the regional observation systems and help connect to the ocean-related user communities;
  8. The panel co-chairs will try to find candidates from the western Indian Ocean region, as well as candidates with observation expertise.