IORP regular telecon organized in April 2023

In following up to the virtual IORP-19, the CLIVAR/GOOS Indian Ocean Region Panel (IORP) organized a regular telecon on 12 April 2023, with the participation of 13 IORP members, 2 invited participants, and Jing Li from ICPO.

The meeting mainly covered the following topics: 1) Self-introduction of IORP members, including how their role can be filled within IORP; 2) review the progress of action items from IORP-19; 3) updates of IORP task teams (IndOOS tracking, ECS and science to society) and potential development of new task team(s); 4) article on COVID impacts on IndOOS; 5) Marine Heatwave Summer School and Early Career Researcher (ECR) activities; 5) potential cooperation with partners (OOPC, SOLAS, etc.); and 6) the participation in the 2023 WCRP Open Science Conference.

The major uptakes from the meeting include:

  • The 1st draft of the BAMS article for reviewing the COVID impacts on IndOOS has been prepared and being reviewed by authors. Further inputs on the impacts on modeling with sensitivity studies, satellite validation and etc. will not be included in this article but IORP hopes to engage with OOPC and the boundary current team to develop work on this. An idea that came from this was to look for funding for an IORP Postdoc to work on this.
  • Constructive ideas and comments received from IORP member to further leverage the contribution from China, Kuwait, Rep. of Korea, USA, and etc. to reactivate RAMA, and separate conversations will be made offline.
  • SDA2 Framework for ECS will be implemented in the upcoming MHW summer school, with a few pre-school activities being developed by Shikha, e.g. webinars, group projects, etc. May invite other ECS groups (IIOE-2 ECSN, YESS, etc.) to join the SDA2 activities.
  • Being a new member of the SOLAS Scientific Steering Committee (SSC) representing WCRP, Dr. Lisan Yu is keen in pushing the future cooperation between WCRP/CLIVAR/IORP and SOLAS, in particular the ECS engagement in the 2024 SOLAS Open Science Conference, as well as the collaboration with SOLAS Indian Ocean initiative, etc.
  • Being a member of OOPC, Dr. Tammy Morris is expected to be the liaison person to promote the interaction between IORP and GOOS/OOPC, the boundary current observation as well as the Argo deployment in the Indian Ocean.
  • ECS could be more actively engaged in the workshop report/paper writing, as well as to highlight their research as CLIVAR science highlight or in the CLIVAR Exchanges.
  • More efforts will be made to activate the IORP science-to-society TT.