IORP-19 organized in February 2023

The 19th Session of CLIVAR/IOC-GOOS Indian Ocean Region Panel (IORP) was successfully organised on 8th February 2023 in Perth Australia and online, alongside the annual meetings of IIOE-2 Steering Committee, IOGOOS, IndOOS Resource Forum (IRF) and SIBER.

The meeting consisted of three parts, all of which were open to participants at the IIOE2 SC meeting. Thus a wide range of participants contributed to the meeting, including additional ECRs and ex IORP members. This was found to be stimulating and helped expose current IORP activities to a wider audience and the panel would encourage this again in future.

Part I of the meeting was an open plenary session co-organized by CLIVAR and SIBER. Two talks each from the two projects were given during this session. Dr. Ming Feng, former member of IORP, presented his recent research on machine learning modelling effort to make ocean predictions. Dr. Roxy Mathew Koll, former co-chair of IORP and a member of CLIVAR Scientific Steering Group (SSG), made an overview of IORP activities in the past year. The two talks from SIBER scientists were: Remote Sensing of Harmful Algal Bloom in north Indian Ocean with special emphasis on Noctiluca (Aneesh Lotiker); and Dynamic change in an ocean desert: Microbial diversity and trophic transfer along the 110 °E meridional in the Indian Ocean (Eric Raes).

Part II was the IORP panel business meeting, during which, 3 scientific talks were given by new members of IORP (Shikha Singh, SungHyun Nam and Fahad Al Senafi). Then the updates on IndOOS-2 (IRF, RAMA, TRIUMPH, and TIOON) and the key activities of IORP were presented and discussed among the panel members. Potential linkage with SCOR was also presented and discussed. In addition, the IORP co-chairs communicated the SSG feedback to IORP 2022 annual report to the panel, and led the review of accomplishment of action items from last IORP meeting. The IORP activities that are also relevant to SIBER were presented in Part III.

Part III of the meeting was a joint discussion session participated by members of IORP and SIBER. The updates of IORP/SIBER joint activities were presented, including: CoLaB, Western Indian Ocean Workshop, and ICTP/CLIVAR Marine Heatwave Summers School and application of SDA2 Framework. Members of the IORP and SIBER also discussed the plan for collaboration between IORP and SIBER in the future and beyond 2025. The IndOOS-2 recommendation tracking and a paper on COVID impact on IndOOS-2, as well as the GOOS Co-Design exemplar on boundary current were covered the next day in the IRF and IOGOOS meetings respectively, as they are also relevant to those groups.

Meanwhile, there will be a wrap-up and feedback session to be organized online in the coming weeks.