Funding opportunities on "Climate Change Research

Date of compilation: 15 October 2017.  All calls have deadlines during the first semester of 2018. If there is a call that might be of interest for you and/or you require logistical assistance to prepare the proposal, please contact the International CLIVAR Project office at:

Title of the Call Sponsor webpage Activity location Abstract
Newton Fund United Kingdom Government Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Mexico, Kazakhstan, Egypt, India, Malaysia, Colombia, Brazil, Philippines, Chile, South Africa, Turkey, United Kingdom, China, Kenya,  Through the Newton Fund, the UK will use its strength in research and innovation to promote the economic development and social welfare of partner countries. By working together on bi-lateral and multi-lateral programmes with a research and innovation focus, the UK will build strong, sustainable, systemic relationships with partner countries. This will support the continued excellence of the UK research base and innovation ecosystem and act as a key to unlock opportunities for wider collaboration and trade. 
Humphrey Fellowship Program Institute of International Education (IIE) - United States United States The Fellowship Program is for experienced professionals interested in strengthening their leadership skills through a mutual exchange of knowledge and understanding about issues of common concern in the U.S. and Fellows' home countries
Postgraduate Scholarships Australian Government Australia The Flagships offer full and top-up postgraduate scholarships. The scholarships are available for high quality students who will be working on a project that is directly relevant to the goals of a Flagship. While both top-up and full scholarships are available, top-up scholarships are the norm. Students will be jointly supervised by university and CSIRO researchers. 
JRC Trainees European Union (EU) Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Italy The JRC offers a stimulating, multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary research environment for trainees. 
Hydrologic Sciences National Science Foundation (NSF) United States The Hydrologic Sciences Program focuses on the fluxes of water in the environment that constitute the water cycle as well as the mass and energy transport function of the water cycle. The Program supports the study of processes from rainfall to runoff to infiltration and streamflow; evaporation and transpiration; the flow of water in soils and aquifers; and the transport of suspended, dissolved, and colloidal components
Grantmaking Rockefeller Brothers Fund (RBF) Unrestricted Advance Solutions to Climate Change : The Fund advances social change that contributes to a more just, sustainable, and peaceful world. Through its grantmaking, the Fund supports efforts to expand knowledge, clarify values and critical choices, nurture creative expression, and shape public policy. The Fund's programs are intended to develop leaders, strengthen institutions, engage citizens, build community, and foster partnerships that include government, business, and civil society. Respect for cultural diversity and ecological integrity pervades the Fund's activities. 
Conservation and Science David and Lucile Packard Foundation Unrestricted The Foundation's grantmaking is focused on ocean and land conservation, climate change mitigation, and scientific research. The Foundation invests in action and ideas that conserve and restore ecosystems while enhancing human well-being. The Foundation supports public policy reforms, changes in private sector practices, and scientific activities to develop essential knowledge and tools for addressing current and future priorities. 
GEF Small Grants Programme United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Latin America and the Caribbean, Caribbean, Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) provides these grants to assist developing countries in fulfilling their commitment of protection of the global environment through local actions. Grants are made in recognition of the key role organizations play as a resource and constituency for environment and development concerns. 
Conservation and Sustainable Development (CSD) John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa, Asia The Foundation's geographical focus will be on three regions: the Great Lakes of East Central Africa, the Greater Mekong and its headwaters, and the watersheds of the Andes. Each is a place of high biodiversity, important freshwater service, and carbon-storage value. The Foundation will focus on four issues: Climate change mitigation and adaptation;
Grants Ford Foundation Unrestricted The Ford Foundation has seven program areas focused on challenging inequality:, one of them is: Equitable Development: Just Cities and Regions, Natural Resources and Climate Change
Request for Proposals International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) Unrestricted World Community Grid is seeking proposals from research organizations interested in harnessing the immense power of Internet-connected computers to accelerate humanitarian research. The goal is to support innovative efforts that will benefit most from this technology and promise to deliver significant results on the most pressing issues facing the global community. To meet this goal, World Community Grid plans to implement as many as five research projects per year. 
The Challenge Fund: Strengthen Disaster and Climate Risk Decision-Making The World Bank Unrestricted The Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery (GFDRR) and the UK Department for International Development (DFID) announces a second call for the Challenge Fund. The Fund Fund pilots new and innovative approaches to strengthen disaster and climate risk decision-making and overcome challenges to availability and accessibility of risk information in developing countries. This Challenge Fund provides small grants to projects that help bridge the gap between technology and on-the-ground user needs in the field of disaster risk identification. 
FISP-Climat Agence Francaise de Developpement (AFD) Unrestricted The FFEM is launching its 4th call for proposals under its FISP-Climat programme to support the private sector in its innovations in the field of climate change, initiated in favour of developing countries. 
LIFE Action Grants: Sub-Programme Climate Action - Preparatory Projects European Union (EU) European Union (EU) LIFE is the European Programme for the Environment and Climate Action. The LIFE Programme is structured in two sub-programmes: the sub-programme for environment and the sub-programme for climate action. This call is for Preparatory Project grants within the sub-programme Climate Action. 
ERA4CS Joint Call on Researching and Advancing Climate Services Development  European Union (EU) European Union (EU) The ERA-NET "European Research Area for Climate Services" (ERA4CS) is a network of 45 partner organisations: 15 public Research Funding Organisations (RFOs), and 30 Research Performing Organisations (RPOs) 
Europe and Global Challenges VolkswagenStiftung / Volkswagen Foundation Unrestricted One of the major aims of the initiative is to stimulate strong collaboration b e- tween researchers based in Europe and other parts of the world. Therefore, the foundation is looking for research groups-ideally involving not more than four different institutions- from different geographical regions (e.g. Europe and Africa, or Latin America). The majority of the project participants should be working outside European Union countries. The foundations recommend participation of at least one principal investigator from Germany, Sweden, or the UK. 
FY2018 to FY2020 NOAA Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Unrestricted As an agency with responsibilities for maintaining and improving the viability of marine and coastal ecosystems, for delivering valuable weather, climate, and water information and services, for understanding the science and consequences of climate change, and for supporting the global commerce and transportation upon which we all depend, NOAA must remain current and responsive in an ever-changing world.
Research Projects Nordic Council of Ministers (NCM) Latvia, Estonia, Nordic countries, Lithuania SNS announces a call for SNS research projects to start in 2016. Projects should relate to the prioritised themes of the SNS strategy. SNS wishes to initiate projects which focus on "Forestry within bioeconomy, climate, and social-aspects" that are key elements in both, national, regional and EU strategies. 
ARIMNet2 2017 YOUNG RESEARCHERS  European Union (EU) Morocco, Slovenia, Egypt, Turkey, Algeria, Croatia, Tunisia, Spain, Greece, France The aim of this call is to reinforce the capacities of young scientists around the Mediterranean Area and to prepare the new generation of young research talents to become leaders and pioneers in their research area. 
LIFE 2014-2020 - Call for Proposals for LIFE Action Grants: Sub-Programme Climate Action  European Union (EU) European Union (EU) LIFE is the European Programme for the Environment and Climate Action. The LIFE Programme is structured in two sub-programmes: the sub-programme for environment and the sub-programme for climate action. This call is for Technical Assistance (TA) projects within the sub-program Climate Action. 
Gender Just Climate Solutions Awards United Natios Unrestricted All types of activist, grassroots and women-led organizations and groups working on issues related to climate change are encouraged to apply. Only non-governmental initiatives are eligible (local or national government initiatives cannot be considered). 
Abe Fellowship Program Social Science Research Council (SSRC) - USA Unrestricted The SSRC and the Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership (CGP) announce the annual Abe Fellowship Program competition. The Abe Fellowship is designed to encourage international multidisciplinary research on topics of pressing global concern. The program seeks to foster the development of a new generation of researchers who are interested in policy-relevant topics of long-range importance and who are willing to become key members of a bilateral and global research network built around such topics. 
Call for S&T Projects European Union (EU) European Union (EU) The ERA.Net RUS Plus Call 2017 on Science and Technology is now open. The goal of the call is to create a long-term research collaboration in the field of research and innovation between EU Member States/Associated Countries and Russia. The Joint Call covers Science and Technology projects. Research proposals can be submitted in: Environment/Climate change, 2.1 Impact of climate change and extreme climate events on the environment