Executive Director of the ICPO attended the Global Ocean Summit 2018 (GOS 2018)

Jose Santos Executive Director of the Internatioal CLIVAR Project Office, attended the Global Ocean Summit 2018 (GOS 2018) during 3-5 July, hosted by the Pilot National Laboratory for Marine Science and Technology (Qingdao) QNLM.

The central theme of GOS 20128 was “Enhancing partnerships on Ocean Observation and Research” and focused on four topics: 1) ocean observation and prediction, 2) deep-sea research, 3) polar seas research, and 4) ocean sustainabiolity. Centering on those topics, reports and discussion was arrenaged; a poster highlight CLIVAR’s activities was presented.

Around 150 representatives coming from Instuitutions around the world, and several internacional organizations attended the event, and prepared a declaration that will be diseminated on a later date.