ENSO Conference 2018 Published the Poster Guidelines

ENSO 2018 Conference Posters

Schedule of poster sessions:

Each Poster will be on display during the whole conference, poster presenters are encouraged to be present at their poster during coffee breaks and/or leave a note indicating when they will be available. In addition, poster presenters are required to stay alongside their poster during the poster viewing sessions, according to the schedule shown below:


Wednesday, 17 October

Thursday, 18 October





1, 2, 3

4, 5, 6

Posters should be put up between 8:00-9:00 of the first day of the conference (Tuesday, 16th October), and should be removed by Thursday 18th October by 18:00. (Note: posters that are not taken down by this time will be disposed of).

Poster abstracts by session and board number are listed sequentially in the Abstract Book. A mapping of poster board locations and a listing of all posters by presenting authors can be found at the end of the ENSO2018 Conference Handbook and on the conference website, and will be also posted on-site in the poster room and on the conference website. Staff will be available at the registration and the poster area to help presenters locate their poster space. Double-side tape will be provided to attach posters to the poster boards.

Poster presenter guidelines

  1. Poster boards are 0.8 wide and 1.6m high (portrait orientation). The maximum size available for posters is 0.6m wide and 1.2m high.
  2. Posters will be on display on the First Floor of the Conference Site at ESPOL Campus.
  3. Posters will remain in exhibition during the whole conference. Please check the Conference Handbook or website for the exact date of your poster viewing session. Your poster number has the following format SS-NN, SS indicates the Session number, and NN indicates the poster number. Example: 01-01 means Session 1, poster number 1.
  4. Double-side tape will be provided to attach posters to the board material, which is made of wood.
  5. Please arrive at the poster area at the beginning of your daily session and stand by your poster for a suitable time. It is advisable to indicate with a note on the board when you will be available.

Pico presentations

Poster presenters are invited to make a 2-minute presentation of their posters in the main conference room at selected time. Sign-up sheets will be posted outside the room.  Participants interested in making such a presentation can sign up on a first-come, first-serve basis for any of the 6 poster sessions, (see the following table for the available time slots). A total of 10 presentations can be accommodated within each 20 min-long poster session.  A laptop and projector will be provided but participants must load their own presentations beforehand. There will be a timekeeper.


Tuesday, 16 October

Wednesday, 17 October

Thursday, 18 October

























ECS Poster Competition​

Early career scientists and students attending the ENSO2018 Conference and presenting posters are eligible to be considered for outstanding poster awards. A distinguished committee of senior and early career scientists will review and identify outstanding posters given by students and early career scientists. Best posters will be announced during the closing session of the conference on the 18th of October.

Contest general guidelines:

  • The first author of the poster should be registered as a student or ECS (if in doubt, check your registration) and be the poster presenter at the ENSO2018 Conference;
  • The presenter has to indicate that s/he wishes to participate in the competition by attaching a sticker to her/his poster; these stickers will be available in the poster room;
  • The presenter must be next to her/his poster during the judging period which will be indicated in the poster room;
  • The poster must be formatted according to the poster guidelines;
  • The presentation by the ECS must be original and based on recent research results;
  • The Award will go to the poster presenter (who must be the first author and an ECS or student).

Contest criteria:

The posters will be reviewed based on the following criteria:

  • Scientific merit and novelty
  • Originality of work
  • Aesthetics of display
  • Clarity of the poster
  • Oral presentation of the poster and responses to questions

Download the guideline here

For more infomation, please visit the event page or conference website