The December CLIVAR/CliC NORP telecon took place online

The December telecon of the CLIVAR/CliC Northern Ocean Region Panel was organized on December 16th, continuously discussing the NORP-SORP joint workshop, the summer school, and the membership.

It happened to be during the AGU Fall Meeting 2021, the participants shared their experience on participating or organizing sessions of this hybrid AGU, learning lessons and making preparations for the NORP-SORP joint workshop in the coming year.

The abstract of the NORP-SORP joint workshop was finished. It was tentatively set for April, alongside the EGU General Assembly 2022. The funding resource was also discussed.

NORP decided to collaborate with the ACDC (Advanced Climate Dynamics Courses) to hold on the summer school. Since the Hackathon like bootcamp that NORP wants to make might be a novel form for ACDC.

The electing procedure of the potential membership was started during this telecon. Since most of the members will finish their term by the end of 2022, NORP has discussed multiple ways to keep the consistency of the panel activity. For example, to invite early career scientists (ECS) to join in the panel activity and consider them to be potential candidates, to consider ex-officio members. In addition, NORP will increase the diversity and the number of ECS taking the opportunity of the rotation of the membership.