COSPAR 2022 Session: Land-Ocean-Atmosphere Interaction

The COSPAR 2022 conference will be organized in Athens, Greece on 16-24 July 2022.

The chairs of the session A0.1 Land-Ocean-Atmosphere Interaction are calling for abstracts. The abstract submission deadline is 11 February 2022. Below you’ll find the session description and confirmed invited speakers. There will also be an opportunity to publish your research in a Remote Sensing special issue.

Session description:

The Earth system involves interactions of atmosphere, ocean, and land. These interactions affect energy, water, and carbon cycles, and thus the biosphere. Understanding the underlying processes of the interactions and quantifying the fluxes across different elements of the Earth's system are of fundamental importance to human society. Satellite measurements allow us to observe different elements of the integrated Earth system, greatly increasing the capabilities to conduct interdisciplinary research. Sustaining and enhancing space-based integrated observing system for the Earth system is essential for the development of Earth System model, analysis, and prediction systems, which has important implications for the ability to project future climate change.

This session encourages contributions that emphasize the linkages of the atmosphere, ocean, and/or land based on satellite observations or in conjunction with models. The objectives are to foster interdisciplinary collaborations and to advocate for the need to sustain and enhance remote sensing capabilities to observe the integrated Earth system.


Severine Fournier (JPL, USA) and Jerome Benveniste (ESA, Italy)

Invited speakers:

Anthony Bloom (JPL, USA – carbon cycle); Hugo Lambert (University of Exeter, UK – water cycle); Anny Cazenave (LEGOS, France – sea level); Carol Anne Clayson (WHOI, USA – air/sea interactions)