Collaboration between CLIVAR and FIO: contributing to the knowledge of the world’s climate and ocean.

60th Year Anniversary of FIO was held on May 18 2018, FIO, Qingdao China. ICPO Executive Director Prof. Jose Santos was invited to give remarks on behalf of the ICPO and all international offices hosted by FIO.

Prof. Jose Santos introduced CLIVAR’s efforts during the past two decades and the development process of ICPO in his remarks, he also expressed his gratitude to FIO for the great contributions on hosting ICPO as well as the supports to CLIVAR activities. Meanwhile, hosting of the International CLIVAR Project Office contributes to the broad recognition of FIO as an internationally leading ocean and climate research institute and is instrumental in establishing fruitful cooperation between FIO scientists and the global community of climate researchers from CLIVAR and WCRP.

FIO is a leading Institution of oceanographic research in China; in recent years, important breakthroughs have been made, like taking the lead in creating the wave-circulation coupled theory and numerical model; setting up an accurate forecast system of tides, and tidal current models of the coastal waters of China; opening up the study of the principles and theories of China’s engineering marine cryology and ocean-atmosphere interaction; and the development of cutting edge oceanographic engineering technology.

Furthermore, FIO gets actively involved in international organizations and programmes; and hosts other international organizations: the China-Korea Joint Ocean Research Center, Indonesia-China Center for Ocean and Climate, China-Thailand Joint Laboratory for Climate and Marine Ecosystem, China-Australia Joint Research Center of Ocean Engineering, China-Russia Joint Research Center of Ocean and Climate, China-Malaysia Joint Center of Marine Science and Technology; UNESCO/IOC-Ocean Regional Training and Research Center on Ocean Dynamics and Climate, and the CHINA-PEMSEA Sustainable Coastal Management Cooperation Center.