CLIVAR/CliC Northern Oceans Region Panel (NORP) teleconference in July

The CLIVAR/CliC Northern Oceans Region Panel (NORP) held a teleconference in 27th July, 2020, chaired by Amy Solomon, with the participation of Celine Heuzé, Benjamin Rabe, Sheldon Bacon, Xiangdong Zhang, Jun Inoue, and Liping Yin from the ICPO.

NORP is organizing a review paper on “Arctic Ocean heat and freshwater transport and storage in models and observations” which is expected to be finished in the end of August. The paper will review the update of the Arctic freshwater storage and transport in the past 10 years. In this telecon, the current draft was discussed and the members pointed out some new perspective.

The next telecon will be on the end of August for discussing the final draft of the review paper.