CLIVAR TBI RF Telecon Organized in February

The CLIVAR Research Focus on Tropical Basin Interaction held a teleconference on 2nd February 2022, focusing on the status of the Working Groups and the Coordinated Experiments, as well as the reports on AGU sessions. The meeting was chaired by Ingo Richter and Yuko Okumura, with the participation of TBI RF members Chunzai Wang, Dietmar Dommenget, Malte Stuecker, Andrea Taschetto, Michael McPhaden together with Sang-Wook Yeh, Gregory Foltz and Nathaniel Johnson from the Working Groups and Jose Santos from the ICPO.

Major updates include:

  1. Four WGs have been created with initial members confirmed. There will be a meeting of the leaders of the four WGs in early March to enhance coordination;
  2. For the coordinated experiments, 15 groups around the world have expressed interest in participating, and initial meeting was held in 2021. One of the main issues to be resolved is the storage for the data. Ingo is communicating with the CMIP leaders, and two backup options are the Data Integration and Analysis System (DIAS) of Japan and the First Institute of Oceanography (FIO) of China. Other issues discussed include the prioritization of anomaly vs. full-field SST restoring, the experiment design, etc.
  3. 16 talks and 12 posters were presented on the AGU meeting, with around 30 online participations and 10 in-person ones;
  4. Noel Keenlyside has proposed to organize a WCRP/CLIVAR workshop on interaction among the tropical basins focusing on observations, numerical experiments and paleo-proxies in Norway in this October.