The CLIVAR TBI RF held a Teleconference in October

The CLIVAR Research Focus on Tropical Basin Interaction held a teleconference on 12th October 2021, chaired by Ingo Richter and Yuko Okumura and with the participation of Chunzai Wang, Belen Rodriguez-Fonseca, Xichen Li, Noel Keenlyside, Regina Rodriguez, Andrea Taschetto, Roxy Koll, Dietmar Dommenget and Jose Santos from the ICPO.

The meeting started with an introduction of the new member - Dietmar Dommenget. Dietmar is an Associate Professor in the School of Earth, Atmosphere and Environment at Monash University, and he will be leading the Working Group 2 on conceptual and intermediate complexity models.

Members of this RF also discussed several group businesses during this teleconference, including:

  • TBI Working Groups. The WGs are gradually taking form and are planning to meet before the end of November. The WGs are encouraged to act semi-independently in setting their own goals and working toward them.
  • Coordinated GCM experiments. This was agreed to have high priority and the group would move along with it quickly.
  • The Annual report is to be submitted to the SSG. The group is planning to start preparing the report in early November.
  • AGU session on TBI. This session has received a considerable number of abstracts.

The next TBI telecon will be tentatively organized in early December.