CLIVAR PRP held a telecon to discuss the draft TPOS2020 Final Report

The co-chairs of CLIVAR Pacific Region Panel (PRP) called for a telecon on February 10th to discuss the draft TPOS2020 Final Report, which is now soliciting for comments. 11 members from PRP attended the telecon with 53 comments provided prior to the call. The purpose of the telecon was to reach a consensus of the feedbacks among PRP members. PRP will also coordinate with other CLIVAR groups (GSOP and OMDP) and prepare a consolidated feedback from CLIVAR community to the report.

The discussion focused on chapter 2&3 of the report, in particular on the following issues: expansion of biogeochemical measurement; the needs of modeling community and potential contribution of TPOS2020 to model improvement; data flow, access and management; the positioning and continuity of backbone moorings, the arrangement for implementation beyond TPOS2020, and etc. The discussion also covered the question of ‘who are the TPOS2020 stakeholders?’, the answer of which is ‘all the institutions from various countries interested in the TPOS, identified as members of the Resource Forum’, according to Sophie Cravatte, member of PRP and co-chair of TPOS2020 Backbone Team.