CLIVAR OSC Poster Awards

Early career scientists and students attending the CLIVAR 2016 Open Science Conference and presenting posters were eligible to be considered for outstanding poster awards.  A team of over 50 senior and early career scientists reviewed the 234 qualifying posters and recommended the following award winners. 

Awards were presented to the winners at the closing ceremony on Friday 23 September.

CLIVAR2016 Open Science Conference
Poster Competition: Outstanding Award



Session 2.1 Intraseasonal to Interannual

The Role of Westerly Wind Events in the Contrasted 2014 and 2015 El Niño Evolution


Annika Reintges, GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel

Session 2.2 Decadal Climate Variability & Predictability

Sub-decadal North Atlantic Oscillation Variability in Observations and the Kiel Climate Model


Fumiaki Ogawa, University of Bergen

Session 3.2 Ocean and Climate Dynamics

Impact of Oceanic Front on the Ozone-Induced Stratosphere/Troposphere Coupling of the Southern Annular Mode

Presented in Poster Cluster: Extratropical Frontal- and Meso-scale Air-sea Interaction


Nils Brueggemann, Delft University of Technology

Session 3.2 Ocean and Climate Dynamics

Tracing the Sinking of Dense Ocean Waters in the North Atlantic Ocean


Valentine Ochanda, University of The Witwetersrand, South Africa

Session 4.2 Sea Level

Shoreline Integrated SLR Change Prediction in Mombasa and Lamu Islands in Kenya


CLIVAR2016 Open Science Conference
Poster Competition: Awards of Excellence


Rondrotiana Barimalala, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Indian Ocean Biophysical Variability in the CMIP5-ESM Models

Leandro Diaz, University of Buenos Aires

Observed and Simulated Summer Rainfall Variability in Southeastern South America

Tina Dippe, GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel

Reducing the Sea Surface Temperature Bias in the Kiel Climate Model to Improve the Representation of Atlantic Niño Variability and Dynamics

Jonathan Durgadoo, GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel

The Indian Ocean as a Connector

Shuang Gao, University of Bergen

Impact of Riverine Nutrients on Global Marine Biogeochemistry in a Change Climate

Shijian Hu, Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Observed Strengthening of Inter-basin Exchange via the Indonesian Seas Due to Rainfall Intensification

Shineng Hu, Yale University                         

The Extreme El Niño of 2015: The Role of Westerly and Easterly Wind Bursts and the Preconditioning by the Failed 2014 Event

Mio Terada, Hokkaido University

Dynamic Sea Level Changes in the Western North Pacific in Response to Global Warming Using CMIP5 Models

Yueyue Yu, Florida State University

Relationship between Warm Airmass Transport into the Upper Polar Atmosphere and Cold Air Outbreaks in Winter

Xiaolin Zhang, Florida State University

Connecting Equatorial Pacific Surface Currents, Warm Water Volume and El Niño Prediction