The CLIVAR Global Synthesis and Observations Panel held a Teleconference in October

The CLIVAR Global Synthesis and Observations Panel organized its regular teleconference on 4th October 2021, co-chaired by Peter Oke and Steve Jayne and joined by Hindumathi Palanisamy, Aneesh Subramanian, Mathieu Belbeoch, Francois Counillon, Lijing Cheng, Shuhei Masuda, Louis Clement, Nathalie Zilberman, Uwe Send, and Jose Santos from the ICPO.

Major topics discussed during the panel telecon are:

  • GSOP Terms of Reference. Panel members were encouraged to consider the ToRs of GSOP as the panel planned how it would work together.
  • Panel membership. As the open call closes in this month, the group discussed its membership rotation and welcomed members to propose nominees by the next teleconference.
  • Working together. Some new ideas for working together were discussed, including OneArgo, SynObs, and OceanSites.
  • Annual report. The co-chairs will prepare the report based on the activities and foreseen plans discussed during the latest meetings.
  • Some ongoing activities.

The panel will meet again in the first week of November, with three presentations from Lijing (on the LAH EPESC), Peter (on understanding Argo data), and Nathalie (on Deep Argo open questions).