The CLIVAR Climate Dynamics Panel Teleconference in June

The CLIVAR Climate Dynamics Panel (CDP) held a teleconference on 19th June 2020, chaired by Shoshiro Minobe and Noel Keenlyside, and with the participation of Ramiro Ignacio Saurral, Aixue Hu, Simona Bordoni, Rym Msadek, Sarah Kang, Rhys Parfitt, Natalie Burls, and Liping Yin from the ICPO.

In this special COVID-19 situation, the CDP didn’t give up the scientific communication. Rather, it takes advantage of the virtual meeting to foster the research on climate dynamics. The panel decided to organize online communication approximately every two weeks, with one scientific report plus necessary panel business per meeting.

This time Ramiro gave a presentation entitled ‘Climate variability and predictability of the Southern Hemisphere’. The main topics reported in this meeting are:

  • Role of sea ice variability on mid-latitude climate
  • Role of ozone and GHG changes on Hadley Cell behavior (and related effects on storm tracks location and strength)
  • Predictability of climate interannual to decadal time scales.

If you want to know more about this report, please contact Ramiro (

Next time Natalie will give the presentation. Her research interests are Air-sea interactions, Mean state bias and paleoclimate.