CLIVAR AMOC Task Team First Telecon

The 1st Telecon of the CLIVAR AMOC Task Team (TT) was organised on 1 April 2021. The AMOC TT was formulated to facilitate communication, promote international cooperation, and support continuing AMOC research and infrastructures, towards addressing ongoing, pressing science priorities which have already been defined by the international community (i.e., US AMOC Science Team, UK RAPID_AMOC, OSNAP, SAMOC, AtlantOS, TAOS, etc.), as well as to continue some of the legacy from US AMOC Science Team, after its sunsetting in 2022.

The major content of the telecon was to welcome the AMOC TT members on board and briefly introduce background as well as the structure and five Terms of References (TOR) for the AMOC Task Team, The TORs include: 1) to promote and coordinate international collaborations amongst observational and modeling studies; 2) to coordinate international workshops on AMOC science and impact topics; 3) to produce a summary report with identified priorities of the AMOC community; 4) to improve data and product distribution from AMOC programs and 5) to develop strategies for cost-effective, sustained monitoring of the AMOC (through an assessment of the observing system using Observation System Simulation Experiments (OSSEs). The discussion focused on the TOR#5, and a workshop dedicated to this TOR is now being proposed.