CLIVAR 20 years anniversary ceremony at FIO

On 16th September 2015 CLIVAR launched its 20th anniversary with a ceremony at FIO. Prof Deyi Ma, the Director General of FIO, met with Dr. Mike Sparrow, Senior Scientific Officer of WCRP, CLIVAR SSG Co-chair Prof Detlef Stammer, Dr Annalisa Bracco, Professor at Georgia Institute of Technology and incoming CLIVAR SSG Co-Chair and ICPO staff. Prof Ma expressed his appreciation for the contribution of WCRP and CLIVAR on climate and ocean research. Dr. Sparrow also thanked FIO for its contributions to CLIVAR and for its strong support for the ICGPO.

During the ceremony Prof Ma signed the agreement with WCRP for SOA/FIO to host the ICGPO for the next 4 years. Afterwards, Prof Ma and the representatives of WCRP and CLIVAR planted a persimmon tree in the FIO garden.  In China, the persimmon tree, with its bountiful orange fruit, is associated with a fruitful career; hence this seemed an appropriate way to celebrate 20 years of CLIVAR success and bodes well for the future of Climate and Ocean research.