CAS - EURASC Frontier Forum "Progress on Ocean Science and Technology"

The China - Europe Frontier Forum "Progress on Ocean Science and Technology", co-organised by the Department of Earth Siences of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and by the Earth and Environmental Sciences Division of EurASc will be held online on 20-21 October. The Forum will discuss four sessions, and CLIVAR SSG member Dake Chen will be one of the conveners of Session I.


Session I: The Earth System and the future ocean in a changing climate

Conveners: Dake Chen, Paul Tréguer

Speakers: Jean Jouzel, Minhan Dai, Nadia Pinardi, Ying Wang

Session II: Perspectives of ocean sciences in a changing climate

Conveners: Lixin Wu, Jean-Pierre Gattuso

Speakers: Jack Middelburg, Pierre Karleskind, Huadong Guo, Dake Chen

Session III: Ocean sustainable development

Conveners: Minhan Dai, Louis Legendre

Speakers: Lixin Wu, Martin Visbeck, Nianzhi Jiao, Jean-Pierre Gattuso, Hans-Otto Pörtner

Session IV: Cooperation between China and Europe on ocean sciences and technologies

Conveners: Jing Zhang, Paul Tréguer

Detailed agenda can be found here.


Dates and time

20-21 October 2020, both days from:

06:00-13:00 UTC

08:00-15:00 CEST (Paris)

14:00-21:00 CST (Shanghai)

Join the Forum via Zoom

Meeting ID: 680 7127 3480

Password: 523291

No registration is necessary, limited to 900 participants