[Call for inputs] Frontiers Research Topic:The Role of the South Atlantic on the Interbasin and Pole-to-Pole Connections

The journal Frontiers in Marine Science is having a new special volume entitled "The role of the South Atlantic on the interbasin and pole-to-pole connections". It aims to improve our understanding of the physical and biogeochemical processes that link the South Atlantic to other ocean basins and that within the Atlantic as a whole through either oceanic or atmospheric teleconnections.

Recent studies suggest that the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian basins interact with each other in a two-way fashion, mainly through the tropics at the seasonal to multidecadal scales. Since tropical and South Atlantic variability controls the rainfall over the adjacent continents, we need to understand the physical processes involved in this interbasin interaction to increase our ability to predict weather and the climate. There is strong evidence that the physical and biogeochemical properties have already changed in the South Atlantic, but the mechanisms involved are still not well understood. They might be related to the recent negative trends in sea-ice extent in both Arctic and Antarctic that impact deep-water formation and the AMOC. The latter makes important consequences regarding the global climate. Therefore, this Research Topic expects contributions on the mechanisms that determine the physical and biogeochemical variability in the South Atlantic in light of the ocean-atmosphere-cryosphere coupled system. We are particularly interested in contributions on new observational and numerical methods that potentially improve our knowledge of the role of the South Atlantic on interbasin and pole-to-pole exchanges.

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