Call for abstracts - Session on Sea ice, ocean and climate connections in the Northern Oceans and the Southern Oceans at IGS 2019


The International Glaciology Society (IGS),Sea Ice Symposium will be held on 19-23 August, 2019, Winnipeg, Canada.

The theme of this workshop is 'Sea Ice at the Interface'. This symposium presents a timely opportunity to show recent advances in our knowledge and technological capabilities in sea-ice related research. In addition, the symposium will encourage holistic discussions amongst scientists,  takeholders and policy makers regarding the most recent changes, long-term trends and variability in the sea-ice environment in both hemispheres, and how best to engage and communicate with the general public.

The call for Abstracts will open in early February, 2019, and we are pleased to invite the community to send their abstracts to the Session:

Sea ice, ocean and climate connections in the Northern Oceans and the Southern Oceans.

Session description:
Sea ice plays a critical role in Earth’s climate, through its influence on ocean circulation, heat and freshwater storage, and the Earth’s radiative
balance. Sea ice is a physical barrier to the exchange of heat, mass and momentum between the atmosphere and the ocean, and is involved in important feedbacks acting on a range of time and spatial scales. As such, process studies of sea ice are essential to advance our  understanding of the fundamental physical mechanisms underlying polar climate variability. This session welcomes developments from observational, modelling, and theoretical studies that aim at describing the physical origins of sea ice changes (forced or natural), in particular their regional expressions, from days to decades. Being bipolar, this session is particularly looking for integrated studies blending analyses for the two hemispheres. The use of similar methods and datasets (Earth System Model evaluation, CMIP6 analyses, inter-observational product comparison, feedback studies) to study Arctic and Antarctic sea ice are welcome.

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