[Call for Abstracts] Monsoon Session on EGU2022

The 2022 EGU General Assembly is going to be organized in Vienna, Austria on 3-8 April 2022. Here we present you a monsoon session co-convened by Dr Andrew Turner, member of the CLIVAR/GEWEX Monsoons Panel:

Monsoon systems in a changing climate: past, present and future

The regional monsoons and the global monsoon circulation to which they belong have profound impacts on water, energy, and food security. Monsoons cause severe floods and droughts as well as undergoing variability on subseasonal, interannual and decadal-to-multi-decadal time scales. In addition to profound local effects, monsoon variability is also associated with global-scale impacts via teleconnections.
Monsoons are among the most complex phenomena involving coupled atmosphere-ocean-land interactions and remain notoriously difficult to forecast at leads times ranging from numerical weather prediction (NWP) to long-term climate projections. A better understanding of monsoon physics and dynamics, with more accurate simulation, prediction and projection of monsoon systems is therefore of great importance.
This session invites presentations on all aspects of monsoon research in present-day, future and palaeoclimate periods, involving observations, modelling, attribution, prediction and climate projection. Topics ranging from theoretical works based on idealized planets and ITCZ frameworks to the latest field campaign results are also invited, as is work on impacts, extremes, NWP modelling, S2S and decadal forecasting, and the latest CMIP6 findings.

Abstract deadline: 12 January, or 1 December for consideration for travel award.