Book on Interbasin interactions recently published

The book: “Interacting Climates of Ocean Basins:  Observations, Mechanisms, Predictability, and Impacts”, has been recently published by Cambridge University press; the editor is Carlos R. Mechoso. University of California, Los Angeles; and has the contribution from Noel Keenlyside and Ingo Richter, co-chairs of the Tropical Basin Interaction RF, as well as from other members of the TBI RF.

Climate variability in different ocean basins can impact one another, for instance the El Niño/Southern Oscillation (ENSO) in the Pacific Ocean has remote effects on other tropical oceans around the world, which in turn modulate ENSO. With chapters by eminent researchers, this book provides a comprehensive review on how interactions among the climates in different ocean basins are key contributors to global climate variability. It discusses how interbasin interactions are mediated by oceanic and atmospheric bridges and explains exciting new possibilities for enhancing climate prediction globally. The first part of the book covers essential theory and introduces the basic mechanisms for remote connection and local amplification. The second presents outstanding examples. The latter part discusses applications to cases of societal interest such as impacts on monsoon systems and expectations after climate change. This comprehensive reference is a useful resource for graduate students and researchers in the atmospheric and ocean sciences.


  1. Variability of the oceans
  2. Teleconnections in the atmosphere
  3. Atmosphere-ocean interactions
  4. Interannual variability of the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans
  5. Indian Ocean variability and interactions
  6. The Arctic Mediterranean
  7. Combined oceanic influences on the continental climates
  8. Basin interactions and predictability
  9. Climate change and impacts on variability and interactions.