[Abstract Submission Extended] WCRP Sea Level 2022 Conference

The WCRP Seal Level 2022 Conference will be organized from 12 to 16 July 2022, in a fully hybrid format with onsite participation in Singapore. The conference will provide an opportunity to share the present status and future of climate-related sea-level research with a strong focus on the application of sea-level science for adaptation and stakeholder needs. Given the critical need for risk assessment and coastal adaptation, it will include direct participation by a global cross-section of both leading sea level researchers and adaptation practitioners. The conference will feature a robust conversation between these communities to inform efforts to bridge science and society at this critical moment.

The conference is seeking submission of abstracts under the following scientific areas:

  • Paleo sea-level and glacial isostatic adjustment
  • Quantifying the contribution of land ice to near-future sea level rise
  • Sea level budget
  • Coastal sea level variability
  • Progress and challenges for regional sea level, including projections and applications
  • Coastal risks and adaptation
Abstract Submission Registration
https://events-sp.com/MSSSEA/ https://sealevel2022.com/
Abstract submission extended to 15th April 2022 Early-bird registration ends on 1st April 202

For more information, please visit the conference website (https://www.sealevelconference.org/).