5th Telecon of ENSO Conceptual Model Working Group


The 5th Telecon of the ENSO Conceptual Model Working Group (WG) coordinated under CLIVAR Pacific Region Panel (PRP) was organised on 21:00- 23:00, 22nd February 2021. 18 members of the WG participated in the meeting.

At the beginning of the call, Dr Jerome Vialard, coordinator of the WG, has briefly overviewed the status of the WG as well as the key messages and discussion points from the last telecon organised on Jan. 6, 2021. Then, two new synthesis talks were given: Dr Dietmar Dommenget from Monash University talked about using conceptual models for understanding ENSO in GCMs, and Dr Antonietta Capotondi from NOAA talked about ENSO diversity and how it is (not?) represented in existing conceptual models.

The next telecon for this WG is planning to be organised in late March or early April 2021. Meanwhile, participants are encouraged to start preparing a list of key questions for the synthesis talks on Recharge Oscillator (RO) and Delayed Oscillator (DO) models, and the WG will start discussing an outline for a review paper after the final synthesis talks.