5th RFP telecon to discuss the WCRP Climate Research Forum in Eastern Asia

The WCRP Regional Focal Point (RFP) Team for the sub-region of Eastern Asia organized its 5th telecon on 16th March, 2021, with the participation of representatives from the WCRP Joint Steering Committee (JSC), WCRP Secretariat, GEWEX, CLIVAR, S2S, SPARC, and staff from the ICPO.


During the meeting, organizers further discussed the logistics for organizing the ‘WCRP Climate Research Forum: Climate research priorities for the next decade’ in the Eastern Asia region, including event advertising and registrations, videoconference platform, the Early Career Researcher (ECR) Session and the effective organization of the Q&A discussion.

Major outcomes of this meeting are:

  • The Eastern Asia Climate Research Forum (CRF) will be broadly advertised to communities including WCRP and its core projects, people who have registered their general interests in participating the WCRP CRF, etc.
  • ICPO facilitated the creation of the registration system and assisted WCRP Secretariat to generate the brochure, both of which are now available on the event pages in WCRP and CLIVAR websites.
  • A meeting ahead of this CRF will be organized for the ECR representatives. Helen will attend this pre-meeting and make a brief introduction about WCRP.  
  • Webex will be the Videoconference Platform. To keep the form as simpler as possible, Slack will not be used in this CRF.
  • RFPs will facilitate the Q&A sessions in the chat-box with the arrangement considering their expertise.