4th RFP telecon to discuss the WCRP Climate Research Forum in Eastern Asia


The WCRP Regional Focal Points (RFP) Team for the sub-region of Eastern Asia organized its 4th telecon on 2nd March, 2021, with the participation of representatives from WCRP Joint Steering Committee (JSC), GEWEX, CLIVAR, S2S, and staff from ICPO.

As a follow-up of last telecon and the email exchanges thereafter, this meeting continues to focus on the preparation of the WCRP Climate Research Forum in Eastern Asia, especially on the invitations and registration. Invited speakers from meteorological agencies, Third Pole Environment Programme as well as representatives for Early Career Researchers (ECRs) session have been identified by RFPs prior to the meeting.

Major outcomes of this meeting are:

  • Formal invitations to agency speakers will be sent out soon, with a brief guidance on what is expected from their talks;
  • Invitation letters to ECR representatives have all been sent out and confirmed. ECRs will meet in advance and decide how they are going to organize the entire ECR session in an integrated way;
  • Participants are supposed to use the chat box for questions during the discussion sessions, while the Slack channel will accommodate more engagement during and outside the meeting dates.
  • The flyer of the event is under design while more discussions are needed to decide on the registration system.