28th Session of the CLIVAR Scientific Steering Group Held Online

As decided by the CLIVAR SSG co-chairs, the initial part of the 28th Session of the CLIVAR SSG would be held online on two sessions. The first part was organized on the 5th of December 2022, when the SSG met to discuss the membership proposals and funding requests of our groups, and to decide on the new Research Foci that CLIVAR will sponsor (The Marine Heat Waves RF was finally selected). On 2nd February 2023, the CLIVAR SSG met again online to discuss the annual reports presented by the CLIVAR panels and Research Foci. The second part of the CLIVAR SSG session will be held in a hybrid mode alongside the 2023 WCRP Open Science Conference in Kigali, Ruwanda in October of this year.

This second online session was attended by the CLIVAR SSG members, panel/RF co-chairs, a representative of the WCRP Secretariat and staff of the ICPO.

Sonya Legg, CLIVAR SSG co-chair, welcomed the attendees and introduced the new co-chair Francois Engelbrecht who replaced Wenju Cai; and the new SSG members Roxy Koll and Fangli Qiao. Representatives of each CLIVAR panel and Research Foci then presented the main outcomes of each group in 2022, and their plans for 2023, this was followed by comments/questions from the CLIVAR SSG members and other participants, based on these discussions, the ICPO will prepare feedback letters to the CLIVAR groups.

Read the meeting report here.