2022 Sea Level Conference preparation telecon organized on Nov. 2

The regular telecon on the 2022 Sea Level Conference preparation was organized on Nov. 2, with the participation from WCRP Sea Level Grand Challenge, local organizers, and staff from WCRP Secretariat and ICPO. The telecon mainly discussed about the draft agenda for the conference, with the follow uptakes:

  • Due to the religious holiday in Singapore on 11 July 2022, the date of the conference imight have to be slightly changed. Possible options are being explored.
  • Four 2-hour sessions will be arranged for each conference day, with 30-min coffee breaks and 90-min lunch time being proposed. The design for Day 3 on practitioners will be further shaped during the practitioner workshop in February 2022. Field visit is now shifted to the afternoon on Day 5.
  • It was suggested to increase the diversity of speakers, e.g. from the Global South, Small Island Developing States (SIDS), and early career scientists.
  • Onsite poster sessions were discussed. 100 posters were estimated for each session, and with a total of 400 for two days with poster sessions. However, due to COVID-19 regulations, the onsite poster sessions should also follow the 50-PAX rule.
  • The conference website design is ready and will be launched shortly after receiving more feeding of contents.
  • Hindumathi from WCRP Secretariat will help promote the conference through the WCRP network, and encourage the participation from different components of WCRP in addition to the Safe Landing Climate Lighthouse Activity. Meanwhile, she will also help facilitate the design of a conference brochure and the funding application to WCRP, for which a draft conference programme is needed by November 11, in order to enable the discussion during the JSC-only meeting on Nov. 18.
  • The next telecon will be organized on 17 November 2022.