1st Telecon of new CLIVAR RF on Marine Heatwaves in the Global Ocean held in February

The first teleconference of the new CLIVAR Research Focus on Marine Heatwaves in the Global Ocean was organized on 27 February 2023. The meeting was co-chaired by Antonietta Capotondi and Regina Rodrigues and joined by 7 members and Jose Santos from ICPO. 

The meeting started with an initial presentation made by Antonietta introducing the terms of reference of the RF and the deliverables. The group decided to hold a meeting every 4-6 weeks, with rotating times to accommodate participants from different time zones, and inviting one or two members each time to make a short presentation of his/her research and interests. 

Regarding an updated definition of MHW, some members pointed out that it would be necessary to include the input of researchers working on applications, since the strength of the current members is on the physics of MHW, this could be done via consultations, a survey, and inviting other scientists to the RF meetings.