【EXTENDED DEADLINE】Research Topic: “Climate Services for Adaptation to Sea-Level Rise" in Frontiers in Marine Science

The deadline for manuscript submission to the research topic on ‘Climate Services for Adaptation to Sea-Level Rise’ in Frontiers in Marine Science, has now been extended to 20 February 2020. The issue is coordinated by the WCRP Grand Challenge on Regional Sea Level Change and Coastal Impacts.

The Research Topic will gather research articles addressing new developments in the area of climate services for coastal adaptation. This includes case studies addressing at least one of the following aspects:

  • Assessment of the current status of coastal climate services for adaptation to sea-level rise
  • Identification and mapping of users and stakeholders (e.g., critical infrastructures or settlements, insurance, land use planning, adaptation finance)
  • Identification and analysis of needs for observations, modelling, expertise, training and education
  • Approaches to translate sea-level science to operations
  • Representation, propagation or communication of uncertainties
  • Frameworks for climate services supporting adaptation to sea-level rise

For more details of the Research Topic, please visit: https://www.frontiersin.org/research-topics/13632/climate-services-for-adaptation-to-sea-level-rise#overview