Indonesia Throughflow Task Team (ITF-TT)

ITF TT Group picture JakartaThe overarching goal of the Indonesia Throughflow Task Team (ITF-TT) is to identify scientific gaps of ITF knowledge and develop an integrated strategy towards an internationally sustained ITF observing system.

Left: partcipants of the ITF-TT kick-off meeting (Jakarta, February 2012)






Terms of reference

1. To provide a more complete description of the pathways, structure, and variability of the ITF (including related property transports).

2. To better understand the mixing processes and their spatial and temporal patterns within the internal Indonesian seas and the role of mixing in transforming the Pacific stratification to the Indonesian profile

3. To develop diagnostics and metrics for validation of ocean and climate models

4. To enhance the understanding of the role of the ITF on interannual to decadal variations in the climate system, particularly in terms of their connections with Pacific and Indian Ocean variability.

5. To improve data and product distribution from ITF programs

6. To develop strategies for cost-effective, sustained monitoring of the ITF

7. To promote and coordinate international collaborations between observational and modeling studies, and to build capacity for researchers from within the Indonesian archipelago



Name Affiliation Country
Janet Sprintall (co-chair) SIO USA
Irsan Brodjonegoro (co-chair) ITB/BRKP Indonesia
Rameyo Adi DKP Indonesia
Wenju Cai CSIRO Australia
Arnold Gordon LDEO USA
Arianne Koch-Larrouy LEGOS France
Tony Lee JPL USA
Jae Hak Lee KIOST South Korea
Yukio Masumoto JAMSTEC Japan
Jim Potemra SOEST USA
Tom Sanford University of Washington USA
Tony Song JPL USA
Susan Wijffels CSIRO Australia